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Jin Yu jewellery box customized Manufacturer

Jin Yu Package is one of top designing and manufacturing packaging products factories since 2010.

We employ about 60 skilled workers with 2 fully automatic carton folding machines, 2 fully automatic silk printing machine, 3 foil hot stamping machine, and 5 die-cutting machine and 6 production lines.

Our product categories cover jewelry boxes,gift boxes, watch boxes, pouches, gift bags,etc

More Options for
Custom Gift Boxes

Customize trendy gift boxes to capture the attention and interest of your target market, increasing brand recognition and profit. Packaging boxes, from eco-friendly materials to designs, greatly influence the marketability of the PRODUCTS. For instance, jewelry box customization adds a personalized touch, making your brand stand out and forging a unique relationship with customers.




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How to Get jewellery box customized

Jin Yu team works closely with you on every step of the project to maintain consistency and the utmost quality.

Free Consultation

A consultation with our experts gives a clear vision and understanding of your project.

Box Design & Recommend

We apply the latest design techniques to bring your gift box packaging to the next level.

Quick sampling & Quotation

Receive the first batch of samples within a week from the consultation.

Safe delivery & Services

Get up-to-date information about the delivery from our warehouse to yours.

Get Inspired by Our
jewellery box customized Design

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